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Don’t text and drive!

I get people in all the time who have had an accident while texting.  The fact is your are driving a 2-3 ton machine that requires constant adjustments. Human beings are simply not wired to do 2 or 3 things at once.

What could be so important that your need to respond immediately?

Modern cars are more expensive to repair. If you think having a conversation is more important than saving money on insurance and car repairs then go ahead a text. These days if you have an at fault accident your insurance company will increase your rates for 2-5 years.  


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How to rid my car of road salt?

Great article about how to get rid of road salt after a long winter.   RICHARD RUSSELL is an well informed writer and is knowledgeable about the car industry.   However I disagree on this one point  “I do not believe spraying a coat of oil or any supposed undercoating beneath the car is necessary”.  In his article he describes how modern cars are galvanized and if the car is not damaged or scratched  the car is resistant to rust.

I have seen countless 2004-2009 mazda 3s’ with both quarter panels rusting or rotted out .  Having your car oil sprayed especially in the interior jambs and floors makes a huge difference on the longevity of the vehicles body.  Another vehicle that I have seen rusting from the inside out are 2005-2008 Nissan Altima and Maxima; the floor stays wet under the driver and passenger feet and soaks though the noise deading materials and just keeps eating at the metal all year long.

If you really care about your car try to clean the salt stains out the carpet. I find using hot water with vinegar and a stiff brush does a great job.If you get your car professionally detailed make sure to leave your windows open an inch to let the humid air, and chemical residues  evaporate out of vehicle.

If you want more information about rustproofing. http://www.mcconvillesgarage.com/en/Krown_Rust_Proofing_22.html

If you are interested in doing more that going to the car wash as was suggested in the article.


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     About 2 months ago I had a customer with a 2012 Mazda 3 GS Hatchback com in for a small repair. He loves his car but scraped the right fender and door on a pillar.  When we started the repair I noticed the right front door has some rust at the bottom of the door creeping under the seam.   I was in total shock.  I told him about the rust  and we repaired the rust at the same time as we were blending the door.  The car even had one of those electronic rust inhibitors.   I don’t think they actually do anything. 

If you are intersted in getting rustproofing done the guys at Centertown Krown Rust control have done a great job for my company for years. I give coupons for our customers any time work is done on a vehicle. If you are looking for more information check out  WWW.KROWN.COM

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Recently a customer asked if I was going to report to Carfax the repair for a bumper cover scratch we fixed on her Honda.

I found the question odd because most people ask about colour matching or the price, how long the repair time will be, or whether we have a courtesy car.

The fact is if you make a claim through your insurance, it doesn’t matter where it is repaired or the quality of the repair.  The car will have a report on Carfax as to the value of the repair and thus, a diminished overall value.

The moral of the story is if you get into an accident, whether it is your fault or not,  nobody will be able to bring it back to pre-accident condition.

CBC’s The Marketplace did an excellent report on the whole issue of diminished values to a car after an accident.  For those who are interested, the link is included here.


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Kenny U Pull

Looking for that odd broken piece on your late model car?  I have been using them more and more over the past 2 years.  The price list is cheap for example a complete bumper for a 2000 Corolla $38.99 included the plastic cover, the reinforcement bar and the all the clips as well as the filler foam.  the same thing in aftermarket was $160.00.  Honda Civic emblem $36.19 at the dealer $2.99.    You can also get rid of your junker for the scrap metal value or donate the car through the Kidney Car Program.  

Draw backs of the u pull format you have to pull the parts off yourself , also you have to be 18 years old to able to get in. 

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This guy has saved me time and money for years .  He is mobile and provides excellent service .   

http://www.car-keys.ca/  613 731-1313     or     613 762-9002

 Whether you are stranded with your ignition lock not turning, car keys lost, broken or stolen, or just need a spare key for your car, we are here to help you. ImageImage

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Just a heads up for our regular customers the Apple Auto Glass at 474 Gladstone ave is now a Speedy glass.  Same great glass service, you can details from www.speedyglass.ca or email Marty (SPEEDY8630@belroncanada.com) for questions or quotes.Image

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Emission scanning tool

Many people have been frustrated by the new emission rules in Ontario.  I called “driveclean” on many occasions to see if they had any solutions for passing the new emission test.  They had nothing but generic answers for me.

In the past couple of weeks I have been scanning my cars with a scanner that was originally designed for California emission standards.  I have had it for about 5 years and it has helped me pass many of my cars through driveclean.  This scanner has three led lights at the top of the screen.  If you have an engine code  you will need to fix it; it is an automatic fail.  If it shows red it is and automatic fail.  If it shows yellow it means the computer is not ready to test yet; do not test since it will most likely fail.  If it shows green you are good to go for the test.  

The scanner is not very expensive- normally $199, but it goes on sale at Canadian Tire and Parts Source for $99. http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/4/Auto/AutoTools/AutoCodeReaders/PRD~0251030P/OBD+II+Code+Reader.jsp?l


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I found a great new website for touch up paint. Great help with those nasty scratches or chips that don’t require professional painting.

Even I have problems finding paint codes at times. It is a very helpful tool to look up paint codes for various vehicles- both foreign and domestic.


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Just a heads up to every body who needs an Emission test.   The Ontario standard is now as difficult as a California Emission test. If you have a “service engine soon” light or amber engine light on do not go in for a test it will be an automatic fail.  You need to get your car fixed first and then drive the car around for it to be “ready”.  

“Ready” means that the emission systems have reset and are recorded on you vehicles computer.  I have been driving a car around for 2 weeks  and put on about 250 kms and the computer is still not “ready” 

The new system is very complex and the driveclean 1-800 number is at best useless for both private owners or dealers.   

 If you are interested  in useless information the website is http://www.driveclean.com


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