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How to rid my car of road salt?

Great article about how to get rid of road salt after a long winter.   RICHARD RUSSELL is an well informed writer and is knowledgeable about the car industry.   However I disagree on this one point  “I do not believe spraying a coat of oil or any supposed undercoating beneath the car is necessary”.  In his article he describes how modern cars are galvanized and if the car is not damaged or scratched  the car is resistant to rust.

I have seen countless 2004-2009 mazda 3s’ with both quarter panels rusting or rotted out .  Having your car oil sprayed especially in the interior jambs and floors makes a huge difference on the longevity of the vehicles body.  Another vehicle that I have seen rusting from the inside out are 2005-2008 Nissan Altima and Maxima; the floor stays wet under the driver and passenger feet and soaks though the noise deading materials and just keeps eating at the metal all year long.

If you really care about your car try to clean the salt stains out the carpet. I find using hot water with vinegar and a stiff brush does a great job.If you get your car professionally detailed make sure to leave your windows open an inch to let the humid air, and chemical residues  evaporate out of vehicle.

If you want more information about rustproofing. http://www.mcconvillesgarage.com/en/Krown_Rust_Proofing_22.html

If you are interested in doing more that going to the car wash as was suggested in the article.


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