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     About 2 months ago I had a customer with a 2012 Mazda 3 GS Hatchback com in for a small repair. He loves his car but scraped the right fender and door on a pillar.  When we started the repair I noticed the right front door has some rust at the bottom of the door creeping under the seam.   I was in total shock.  I told him about the rust  and we repaired the rust at the same time as we were blending the door.  The car even had one of those electronic rust inhibitors.   I don’t think they actually do anything. 

If you are intersted in getting rustproofing done the guys at Centertown Krown Rust control have done a great job for my company for years. I give coupons for our customers any time work is done on a vehicle. If you are looking for more information check out  WWW.KROWN.COM

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