We will give a 15 % discount on any owner pay ASSURED body shop written estimate.

We have many aftermarket and used car suppliers that assured body shops do not use with much better discounts for parts and supplies.

You can even email a photo of the damage and we will give you a quote online.

email: alexkoun@hotmail.com

We are located downtown 2 blocks west of BANK St and have ample parking.

Now that temperatures have gotten below -15 Celsius its time to shovel the snow bank.   Most modern vehicles have plastic bumpers. The colder the temperature gets below zero the more chance that hitting a snow bank will crack the bumper.

This is true of both original equipment bumpers or aftermarket bumpers. Often times the bumpers can be repaired with 2 part epoxy glues.

This website has helped me often as there are many types of plastic bumper. http://www.weldguru.com/plasticrepair.html

http://www.weldguru.com/plasticrepair.htmlcracked bumper

I wanted to thank Randy at Advance Towing and Recovery for all the hard work they have done this year.

We have donated many cars to CHEO CARS 4 KIDS and they have always been punctual and honest with us.

Thank You

I recently learned that if you are getting an estimate from one of the big companies that use either Mitchell or ADP estimating software, the value of the damage on your vehicle will end up on a CARFAX or CARProof report.

The software they use is based on an online system.  Once they enter your VIN # into the software it downloads the pricing for parts.

What most people don’t know is that your estimate can be uploaded and then sold off to an insurance company or a vehicle history reporting website.


Low Price Auto Glass

These guys do mobile glass are very reasonable and fast!

Try them www.LPAG.com out competitive pricing.

The commercial they have on the web site is funny! I loved it.


51 MG

33 MG

This is a rare vehicle, 51 MG it was damaged in the right quarter panel. Tough paint match since it had been painted in enamal originally, Using the PPG paint scanner helped us match the colour and it turned out alright!

Don’t text and drive!

I get people in all the time who have had an accident while texting.  The fact is your are driving a 2-3 ton machine that requires constant adjustments. Human beings are simply not wired to do 2 or 3 things at once.

What could be so important that your need to respond immediately?

Modern cars are more expensive to repair. If you think having a conversation is more important than saving money on insurance and car repairs then go ahead a text. These days if you have an at fault accident your insurance company will increase your rates for 2-5 years.  



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